The Best Blackjack Strategies For Winning

The Best Blackjack Strategies For Winning

When playing Blackjack, just like with most other casino games, it’s important to have a game-plan, or strategy, when wanting to play a winning game.

This means familiarising yourself with not only the rules of the game, but also the finer nuances.

Below is a summary of what you’ll need to know to get started on building a winning Blackjack game and strategy.

Basic Terminology

  • Asking for another card is referred to as asking for a “hit”.
  • Deciding to take no additional cards is called “standing”. Once all the players around the table have decided to stand, the dealer can then play his own hand.
  • “Doubling down”. Doubling down is when a player is in possession of two cards of the same value. The decision can then be taken to split these cards into two hands. The player will also have to double their bet.
  • To “surrender” means forfeiting half your bet whenever you believe you’re likely to lose the round.
  • “Insurance”. Whenever the dealer’s up-card happens to be an Ace, the player can opt to take out insurance, which is equal to half of their original bet. This means betting on the dealer getting a Blackjack.

About The Dealer’s Hand

Blackjack Strategies when playing the online games

Important to know about the dealer’s hand are the following:

  • Mostly, if the dealer has a hard 17, he will have to stand.
  • If the dealer however has a soft 17, he will have to hit (draw another card).
  • If the dealer has 16 or less, he must hit.
  • The dealer wins if the total of his hand is closest to 21.
  • Whenever a player busts or chooses to surrender, the dealer automatically wins the round.
  • Should the dealer draw a total of 18 or more, he must stand with his total.

Tips For A Winning Game

  • Play the right table to suit your bankroll. Especially when starting out, or when your budget is small, be sure to play a table with a lower buy-in rate. Also, some casinos give away free games during the quieter hours in the day and you can use your Grand Rush Casino no deposit bonus These can add value as well as make for a useful time to practice your game.
  • Always split eights and aces. Aces especially should always be split, as this increases your chances of drawing a Blackjack. Eights, too, are good for splitting, as this has been shown to lead to a winning hand more often than not.
  • Look for those tables where the dealer must stand on a soft 17. While this might seem like something small, it can have a huge impact on your odds and bankroll. This is true because it diminishes the house’s ultimate edge.
  • Stand when the dealer’s up-card is four, five, or six.
  • Go for a table offering the option to double-down. Double-downs, when played correctly, are great for boosting your bankroll.
  • Set a firm limit and stick to it. Part of any winning strategy is knowing how to best manage your bankroll. Not only will this help save you money, but it will also help you to become a better and more disciplined Blackjack player.